MARSSA is the first Open Reference System Architecture for the maritime industry.

MARSSA is an acronym for MARine Systems Software Architecture.

MARSSA sets out to provide a Reference Architecture, which serves as a base for the development of standards and, at the same time, an architecture to support the integration & interoperability of software-dependent devices and systems onboard vessels and on shore.

MARSSA provides an architectural blue print for a set of products or systems based on the pool of previously successfully implemented solutions and combined with a set of new requirements.

How MARSSA was created...

A team of marine software engineering experts and passionate mariners at MARSEC-XL started to work on MARSSA in 2008. On the 14th of February 2011 MARSEC-XL donated the very first version of MARSSA to the Open Source Community and the work on MARSSA has continued as an open source project hosted by MARSEC-XL Foundation since then.

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Open Reference System Architecture

for the Maritime Industry

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